In the Cathedral of Airplanes
Larnie Fox


Liner notes:

The Hints

Drone Zone
There is an internet radio station that plays drone music. I really enjoy listening to it, just like I enjoy reading fantasy novels and watching science fiction movies. I also enjoy listening to sound art and looking at paintings and art films and sculpture, but those things are different. I have to work at enjoying those things. I want to create something I enjoy without working at. This doesn't mean it has to be simple and bland ~ it can be complex and challenging; but it must resolve.

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
This is one of the world's all time favorite pieces of music. It is soaring. It strives to be universal, to give a reconciling message of hope. It is strident, and it resolves. Every year for the past ten years or so I have performed the symphony as a bass singer in the San Francisco Community Orchestra's Chorus, so I know the music pretty well. A sound artist did a piece in which the Ninth was extended in time to take many hours ~ it was digitally stretched. Listening to segments of it heard that way, it retains the original qualities of striving and longing and climaxing.

The Cathedral Dom St. Petri in Schleswig, Germany
This was my first look at a Cathedral in Europe. I was surprised at the depth of emotion it engendered in me. It was so old, but so fresh. Every surface, every turn of the architecture was designed to communicate. And they communicated on many levels, historical, mythological, social, theological, philosophical. Symbols were packed everywhere. The space was so vast. I was sensing the same qualities as in Beethoven's Ninth ~ soaring, striving, despairing, resolving.

The Dreams

The Second Dream
In my dream I knew that I was supposed to make a CD, and that it was to address things that had been influencing me and things that I had been thinking. I thought that it would have field-recorded airplane noise, and machine noise from my sound-sculptures and choral music. I knew it would be called "In the Cathedral of Airplanes". Cheryl Leonard was in the same place I was, and she thought it was a good idea. I had this dream the night Bodil and Liv and I returned from Hawaii.

The Other Dream
A few nights before the preceding dream, I was walking through a partially demolished city with Mark BvK, and we came upon a place where they were building a Cathedral. It looked like the project was going well. The roof was not completely in place, but twisted spires and arching frameworks vaulted up overhead. I craned my neck with vertigo at the heights. There was a way to get through the fence onto the construction site. Mark was figuring it out and encouraging me to duck through a gap in that fence. As I looked down just then, I saw that they were digging out the basement. I peered into the pit ~ it was very deep; scaffolding, supports and a skeleton of building tangled their ways into the depths. I had this dream while we were in Hawaii.

The Help

After the dreams, I sought help from Scot Jenerik and Aaron Ximm. I bought a new computer, a dedicated hard drive and a mini-disc recorder. I started making field recordings, and composing choral music.

Larnie Fox San Francisco 2004


"In the Cathedral of Airplanes".

Dedicated to Urs Steiner, on the condition that he listen to the whole thing, with headphones.

1. Procession 6:05
Ruth's dogs, Liv and Larnie in big tube, Larnie's voice

2. Holywater 4:22
Leak in Kitchen roof, Larnie on bottle

3. Ascension 3:26
Raccoons in backyard, Casio keyboard

4. Confession 7:58
Birds in Slippery Rock Pa, Computer playing Tympani piece written by Larnie.

5. Transported 6:57
San Francisco Traffic,

6. The Important Phone Call 8:05
SF Sinfonietta performance of music written by Larnie, Monorails (sound sculpture).

7. Sanctuary 9:44
Airplanes, San Mateo Airport, SF Sinfonietta rehearsal.